Fields of activity

The capabilities of Behpouyan company in providing technical-engineering services

vEnergy consumption optimization and audit in process industries, small industries and buildings

Detailed energy audit with the aim of standardizing and reducing the energy price of gas and petroleum industries and oil and gas exploitation facilities, refineries and petrochemicals, power plants, process industries (metallic and non-metallic mineral industries, automobile, etc.) and other industries, official, commercial and residential buildings

Reducing the prices of energy and maintenance-repairs with short term investment return

Designing of Air Conditioning Installations and Systems (by using carrier and other professional soft wares

Doing the CFD projects (making fluid models and ventilation by using Ansys, Fluent soft wares andetc.)

Optimizing the parameters of electricity consumption in residential, industrial and official units

Doing thermography and thermal analysis to monitor the situation, predict defects and finding the loose points in electrical and mechanical equipment by using thermo Vision camera

Economic and technological review of the CHP electric and heat generation system and the CCHP Electricity, Heat and Cooling System

Study on the implementation of photovoltaic On Grid and Off Grid systems

Using solar energy in case of lighting and using new technologies like LED to optimize the energy consumption

Using solar energy in cases of thermo consumptions including hot water،heating inside the salons and official buildings.

Standardizing and correcting the electrical panels/boards by performing electrical and thermal measurements

Using propagators in schools, factories, mosques, houses and etc. to promote and teach the energy consumption optimization culture

Checking and correcting the combustion and efficiency of the burners and adjusting the exact ratio of fuel to air with the Gas Analyzer

Feasibility and designing the heat recycling systems

Reducing the energy consumption and standardizing industrial furnaces, hydraulic presses, injection devices, compressed air compressors, pumps and fans, electric motors

Intelligent controlling of the Powerhouse, intelligization of buildings-BMS

Providing web-based optimization and control solutions

Designing and implementation of advanced CM and PDM control and maintenance systems based on vibrations, thermography, power quality and etc.

Feasibility study and installation of remote control systems (VSD)

Determination and recognition of harmonics, phase balance and load distribution, determination of cos φ and reactive load - Reducing losses and costs associated with it.

Determination and recognition of furnaces and cold stores and carrying out corrective actions

Examination of Demand's consumption records and proper selection of demands due to fluctuations in consumption, development plans and equipment erosions and optimal choice of appropriate tariffs for electricity

Reengineering and optimizing lighting systems

Findingcomplications and diagnosis of defects before failure

Calculating the SEC Energy Consumption Index, comparing it with domestic and international standards and providing corrective solutions

vEducation, Consulting and Implementation of Energy Management System ,ISO 50001

Improvement of organizational processes and optimization of management systems

Providing an energy management team

Organization empowerment in ISO 50001 with energy management and technical training

Designing an energy management system and implementing standard in the organization

Evaluating the performance of the energy management system in the establishment and post- establishment process

Doing an internal audit of the energy management system

Undertaking an energy management review process

Cooperating with the organization and support of auditing certification and getting certifications of companies approved by the National Iranian Qualifications Authority (NACI)

Management training in the cases of energy consumption management, energy management systems and etc.

Training soft wares Used in optimization, management and simulating which include: Design Builder, Carrier, Energy Plus,Ansy, Dialux, Calclux,Catia,WaterGEMS, CHP Tool…

Energy revision trainings in Three Levels of Transmission, Standard and Advanced

Designing, performing and supporting the energy consumption monitoring soft wares in accordance with the needs and scope of the organization

Making an energy consumption database with web support capabilities

Design of software packages for analyzing and transferring energy data by android and internet

Preparation of instructions and technical requirements for the construction of new buildings with specific uses (such as the construction of data rooms, power chambers, powerhouses, official buildings with special use, residential buildings with special usage, etc.)

Instructions and technical requirements for the development of existing buildings

Designing and preparation of guidelines and technical requirements for building green houses

vIntelligization of facilities, processes and  large scale networks in the industries of petroleum and gas, refineries and petrochemicals, transmission and distribution networks for electricity and water and transportation systems

Intelligization based on simulations, development of comprehensive software models and optimization with Heuristic Algorithms in complex processes and industries

Model Based Reengineering by measuring engineering parameters and functional attributes with advanced equipment and Soft Sensors, complication finding, analyzing processes and interactions of engineering and operation parameters using aggregation of power, mechanics, Industries, Chemical Engineering, Energy engineering, Metallurgy, Heat and Fluid, Control, Telecommunications, and Operations Research

Designing and production of smart systems for managing facilities and processes with Process Optimal Control, Online Dynamic Monitoring, Data Validation, Self adopting Learning, Data Estimation by soft sensors, Energy Consumption Optimization

Upgrading maintenance systems to PdM (Predictive Maintenance)

Use of new approaches of Hierarchical Distributed Control

Knowledge management and elite experience extraction in operational usage and processes control, especially in critical events by the system.

 Analyzing and preparing incident management scenarios with the goals and approaches of passive defense.

Analysis and provisioning offline scenarios for performance management

Possibility to see the results of changes in systems or the operation of the systems in the software model before their operational implementation, due to (Model Validation-Model Verification)

Designing, standardizing and specifying the functional characteristics of telecommunication systems and data transmission in telemetry and SCADA systems

Preparation of analytical reports and statistical and managerial analyzes

Providing user-friendly interface (GUI) with different levels of access and control

vRe-engineering and optimization of lighting and lighting systems and distribution networks

Carrying out losses reduction studies and redesigning distribution systems

Indoor and Outdoor professional Design by simulation in professional software such as Dialux with the goal of standardizing and reducing energy consumption

Study and determination of the optimal capacity of DG distributed generation systems in the distribution network to reduce power losses, enable energy management and increase network stability

Field studies and measurement of all required parameters for distribution network modeling in Digsilent software

Estimating the load of distribution posts and measuring the losses and determining the contribution of its components and providing a solution for optimizing and reducing system losses

Optimal design of distribution and transmission networks based on the desired target function

Designing reliability of distribution and super distribution Networks.

vDevelopment of technical knowledge and building new nano materials in the fields of materials and energy

Developing technical knowledge and building new nano materials in energy fields (new insulators), medicine, defense, building petroleum and gas industries

Use of new materials in coating and restoration of pipes and structures of the petroleum and gas industry to prevent corrosion and burnout

Advising to the factories on optimal methods for identifying and analyzing the manufactured parts

Advising on new methods for synthesizing in nanoscale materials

Introduction and feasibility of using new materials in industrial projects to increase productivity

Thermal simulation of industrial furnaces and their refractories and performance improvement

Optimization of fuel consumption of glass production furnaces (melting furnaces) and determination of type of refractories furnaces

Thermal simulation and determining the type of refractories suitable for melting metals in order to optimize energy consumption

Use of new materials or recycled materials, including sulfur concrete s and nano compositesin the water and waste water industry

vMeasuring and technical analysis of the functional parameters of equipment with Instrumentation Equipment

Measuring and analyzing technical characteristics of equipment performance in the field of energy and environmental conditions with advanced engineering equipment

Thermography and determination of types of electrical equipment losses: electrical boards, electrical motors, posts, transformers and cables with a Thermovision camera

Thermography of mechanical equipment to determine the performance of bearings and ball bearings, axial unevenness and etc.

Thermography of insulators in walls and pipes in facilities, cold stores, furnaces and building shells

Finding the location the fouling and corrosion of the pipes

Checking and correcting combustion and efficiency of burners with Gas Analyzer

Measuring electrical parameters related to load management, consumption, power quality, volatility and etc. with the Power Analyzer

Estimation of ambient light intensity and compliance with standard by Lux meter

Measuring the temperature, humidity and air flow velocity in the environment with Anemometer

Analysis of engine performance with Tachometer

Measuring the high precision ambient dimensions with Laser Distance Meter

Evaluation of the performance of pumps and fans, electric motors

Measuring CO2 and UV inputs to environment with CO2 Meter and UV Meter

Flow Metering in facilities and Networks by using the Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Measuring the Pressure in the engine room with analogue and digital BD Pressure Transmitter

Determining the efficiency, percent of load, and losses of electric motors

vDesign, optimization, intelligization and monitoring of large scale water networks

Intelligization of Pumping Station (the only manufacturer of intelligent Pump Station Management System (MAHAP) in the country)

Intelligent networks design and implementation of Total Water Utilities and Networks in the Areas of Supply, Transmission, Storage and Distribution of Water with Functions and Permanent Water Supply Modules, flow Management and Reservoir Balance, Pressure Management, Losses and Non-Income Water management, Leak Detection And crisis management, and the provision of offline operating scenarios in specific circumstances, energy management, cost management, comprehensive and prerequisite maintenance (PDM-TPM), water quality management

Energy audit and optimization of pumping and water transfer systems

Optimal planning of pumping stations and wells with Genetic Algorithm

Designing pumping and water transfer systems for distribution and irrigation networks

Design and implementation of SCADA telemetry systems with energy consumption optimization approach

Reduction the cost of pumping with intelligent optimization algorithms

Calculation and simulation of water hammer and corrective strategies

Use of new materials, including sulfur concrete s and nano composites in the water and waste water industry

Use of new materials in the coating and repairmen of pipes and the water industry structures to prevent corrosion

Performing flow metering service with portable ultrasonic flow meter